JBSA Lifeguards are Fire Fighting Life Savers!

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Teammates –

Please join me in humbly thanking and celebrating the quick thinking and lifesaving actions taken recently by some of our very own JBSA-RND lifeguard team! The 502 ABW/CV recently recognized Dominic Mercado, Maiah Kuzan, Matthew Oakland, Sam Lambert and Blake Mai for their heroic effort at the Wing staff meeting.

A brief recap of the events is below and click on the following link to read the full article to be printed in the JBSA-Legacy paper this week! The article is also live on JBSA.mil at: https://www.jbsa.mil/News/News/Article/2363546/jbsa-randolph-lifeguards-come-to-the-rescue-but-not-at-pool/

The Randolph lifeguards were cleaning the pool when we realized there was black smoke in the air. We got closer to see if it was possibly from a grill or campfire, but we saw that a part of a house was on fire. We all quickly started to run towards the house. Maiah Kuzan said “We need to call 911!”, to which their coworker Lauren offered her phone to Maiah to talk to the dispatcher. Dominic Mercado also called 911 as soon as we saw the smoke. Sam Landreth sprinted to the father who was in the backyard on the other side of the house, and said “Sir, your house is on fire!” That’s when the father first became aware of the fire. Sam and the father ran upstairs to wake up the children who were still in bed to make sure everyone got out of the house safely. Blake Mai followed and helped direct the family out the front door. At that point Maiah gave the dispatcher the address and told them no one was injured and everyone was out of the house, to which he said the fire department was en route. Matt Oakland found a fire extinguisher and quickly took action along with a couple of other neighbors. After Sam Landreth finished getting the family out he grabbed a hose and started spraying water all over the fire. Eventually the fire was put out by the lifeguards and neighbors, and the fire fighters arrived to take care of the rest. The lifeguards returned to the pool, proud they were able to have taken potentially life-saving actions.

Well done!


Brian C. Roush
Director, 502d Force Support Squadron
Joint Base San Antonio, TX