JBSA-FSH Youth Programs

Youth Programs

The JBSA-FSH Youth Programs offers recreation and educational programs for youth in grades 6th-12th. The activities within the program provide youth with many wide-ranging recreational, social, leadership and volunteer opportunities. Youth Programs also has a school age program that offers before and after school care for youth ages 5-12. Summer and holiday camps are available seasonally. School Age Programs offers clubs during the school year for a variety of interests and are affiliated with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and 4-H Clubs.


YP1 Monthly Calendar
YP2 Monthly Calendar

2018 School Age Care (SAC) Summer Camp Forms

Parents Agreement.pdf
AF Form 1181.pdf
AFCYP Health Screening.pdf
Auto Pay Form.pdf
CACFP Enrollment Form.doc
CACFP Meal BIE Form.doc
CACFP Meal BIE Letter.doc
MFLC Memo.pdf

Medical Forms

Special Diet Form.pdf
Diabetes Plan.pdf
Medical Condition Review.pdf
JBSA Asthma MAP.pdf
JBSA Allergy MAP.pdf
JBSA Respiratory MAP.pdf
JBSA Seizure MAP.pdf

Youth Program Forms

2018-2019 School Age Care (SAC) Registration Form
YP Registration Packet 2019
AF 88 Registration Form
Youth Sponsorship Agreement
Request Youth Sponsorship
Youth Programs Handbook

Youth Sports Forms

FSH YS Registration Form
YP Registration Packet 2019
YS Parents Code of Ethics
YS Health Screening Tool
YS Coaches Handbook