FSS Heroes!

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FSS Heroes is a page meant to recognize different members of the squadron and how they contribute to the community.

Kiara Taylor

Ms. Kiara Taylor defines FSS Hero. She is one of the first CYP staff readily available, with no hesitation, to care for children, as the fear of COVID-19 was at our doors. Ms. Kiara increased her professional knowledge by attending online Zoom training such as Building Resiliency in Children and Helping Children Manage in Traumatic Events with MFLC's to support children and families. Heroically, Ms. Taylor immediate noticed something wrong with an infant in her care; her swift response to assist the infant and alerting management was life saving. Kiara, we salute you!

Paulene Ellis

During the School Age Center's response to COVID-19; Ms. Paulene Ellis, JBSA-Lackland Youth Programs Assistant Director, has dedicated time, listening ears and empathy as well as information to support/help children as they share their concerns regarding COVID-19. She led the sewing group for youth as they made face mask in response to COVID-19 measures to protect adults and children from exposure. She worked days, afternoons and sometimes evenings sitting in as the administrative clerk to meet and talk to parents regarding their efforts to keep everyone safe while caring for children.

Yelonda Herron

Ms. Yelonda Herron Is a Cook Supervisor at JBSA-Fort Sam Houston. Ms. Yelonda sustained kitchen operations while providing mission essential care to 80+ children, serving over 120 meals per day during COVID-19. She also ensured only the appropriate amount of food was ordered to support the reduced amount of children in care with little to no substitutions on standardized menus. She worked closely monitoring which new children were in daily attendance with special diet restrictions to ensure the children were provided approved substitutes. She was essential to providing quality care to all of our children in the program.