Private Organizations

What is a Private Organization?

Private organizations are self-sustaining special interest groups, set up by people acting outside the scope of any official capacity as officers, employees or agents of the Federal Government. They operate on Air Force installations with written consent of the installation commander, when he/she determines it will have a positive impact on base quality of life.

Private organizations are not Federal entities and are not treated as such, they are not nonappropriated instrumentalities as defined in AFI34-201, Use of Nonappropriated Funds, nor are they entitled to the sovereign immunities and privileges given to NAFIs or the Air Force. Small unofficial activities (like coffee funds, flower funds, sunshine funds, etc.) are generally not considered private organizations and are the responsibility of each unit commander.

The installation commander provides limited supervision over private organizations with control lying in the power to authorize and withdraw authorization for these organizations to operate on the installation. The installation commander ensures compliance with the requirements of AFI34-223, Private Organizations Program but does not control or dictate internal activities or structure of private organizations. The installation commander may withdraw the authorization if the private organization prejudices or discredits the United States Government, conflicts with Government activities or for any other reason or just cause.


Fundraising on the installation is a privilege provided to private organizations which have obtained authorization to operate on Joint Base San Antonio. When reporting compliant, private organizations are permitted to conduct up the three fundraisers per calendar quarter and each fundraiser requires appropriate approval prior to the event. Per AFI34-223, ‘for us, by us’ fundraising falls under the purview of each unit commander. Please contact the JBSA Private Organization Coordinator for additional information.

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