Fitness Assessment Cell (FAC)

PT Testing

Testing Times

November – April
Monday – Friday
6:45 AM • Composite Exempt Only
7 AM • 120m HAMR
9 AM & 11 AM • 1.5 Mile Run
Wednesdays at 11 AM
Walkers and Cardio Exempt Only

May – October
Monday – Friday
5:45 AM • Composite Exempt Only
6 AM & 8 AM • 1.5 Mile Run
9:45 AM • 20m HAMR
Wednesdays at 9:45 AM
Walkers and Cardio Exempt Only

* JBSA-Lackland FAC is CLOSED the 1st Friday of each month for Administrative Training and the 2nd Friday every month for testing at JBSA-Fort Sam Houston.

Online test registration must be accessed through:

Run/Walk Components of the Test

Run/Walk components of the PT Test are conducted on the outdoor running track, unless choosing the SHUTTLE RUN and that will be held in the basketball court area.

****WALKERS ONLY tests are for airmen walking 2K for the cardio portion of the test. If you are not performing walking the 2K for the cardio portion of the test, sign up for the 1.5-Mile Run only Fitness Assessment or HAMR: Shuttle Run Only Fitness Assessment.

Military Members on a Profile

If you have an AF 469 that states you are ONLY cleared for the Abdominal Circumference (AC), you will NOT need to register for a test session. You may walk in during one of the testing sessions times. If you are cleared for push-ups/sit-ups/walk/run, you will need to schedule a fitness test.


Need to bring in documentation (40A/938 form) stating they will be on approved military status for their test date.

Special Warfare Operators

 If you are in an AF Special Warfare Operator AFSC (1C2, 1T2, 1C4, 13DX, 13CX, 13L, 1W0X2, 1Z4), you will not need to register for a test session.